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Remotes for Garage, Gates and Doors by Hillside Mobile Locksmiths Adelaide

Looking for a locksmtih that specialises in repair or replacement of garage door or gate remotes in Adelaide? Look no further! Adelaide Lock & Safe are the leading supplier of garage door remotes in Adelaide and because we own all our own equipment we can repair or replace your garage door or gate remote in a flash.

Garage door remotes sometimes break down like anything that gets used all the time. If your garage door or gate remote is not working properly or you have lost it, give us a call and we'll organise a replacement for you asap. 

All types of keyless entry car (genuine and aftermarket), garage, gate and house alarm remotes at the lowest and most affordable prices. At Adelaide Lock and Safe we make remote controls child's play - with simple programing instructions & user guides.

Garage and gate remotes replacements or extra copies: 




This is just a picture example of the very many types of garage door remotes and gate remotes that we can repair or replace. Please call us for a quote to replace or repair your garage door remote.



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